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Epicene Print Collective
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Alyssa Maucere is an Philadelphia based illustrator, printmaker, graphic artist, and tattoo apprentice. She's been on the road with the likes of Bubonic Bear, Ominous Black, Sadgiqacea, and made artwork for bands on an International scope. She is a full supporter in DIY lifestyles. Her goal with her art is to make it encompass the individual(s) which commissioned the work, along with uphold the personal explorations she enjoys so much. (varying topics ranging from the psychic experience, studies in biology, demonology, quantum theory, the Occult, World Government Conspiracy, Social economics, and various culture's folklore.)

She received her BFA for Printmaking in 2010 from Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She is a screen printer, designer, illustrator, painter, and musician.

She is open for project inquiries and tattoo appointments. Please contact with your ideas at Epiceneprintco@gmail.com and make sure to visit the websites of her supporters. Thanks for checking out the art and always check back for updates!


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