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What is City Rain?
City Rain is Ben Runyan and Jarrett Zerrer.  After releasing their debut LP Running Man in September 2010, they were voted Philadelphia's band of the month by Deli Magazine and have been aired on local radio 88.5 XPN. They have fine tuned their sound and style by playing lots of shows (World Cafe Live, Johnny Brendas, North Star Bar, Kung Fu Necktie.....) in their city of Philadelphia and have made numerous trips to New York City and Washington D.C. They have played with the likes of The Dears, School Of Seven Bells, Telefon Tel Aviv, Hank & Cupcakes and East Hundred.

With their second full length album in the works, they plan on using their kickstarter funds to press and promote the album. Bending genres such as funk, surf, new wave and electro, this album promises to get you movin'.  They hope that any success that they have already achieved continues to grow. Because quite frankly, they don't know what else to do with their life's.

They have made many amazing friends along the way and hope to continue to meet more cool awesome people like you.

Why donate?
We work very hard at our goal of doing what every other musician strives for. Making it big. In whatever capacity we can. We work hard at music, and we work hard to pay the rent! We also do our best to take care of our friends. If you donate, you can be a part of City Rain. And by golly we want you to be!
Where does the money go?
Pressing of the CD's/Vinyl

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