Noise : Pressure

Pressure, a native of North Germany, began his career in 1996 at the age of 17 after hearing DnB for the first time. It was at this time that he was influenced to pursue a career in the realm of Drum n Bass. Forming a partnership with his brother, DJ Dread, they decided to purchase their first set of turntables, a mixer, and a microphone. With this, the creative sounds of The Heavyweighters, DJ Dread and MC Pressure together, were born as they began to let loose with their music. They continued to work together improving their skills & sound and eventually debuted at Raiders Cafe in Luebeck with the L-Town Crew.
In 2001, the local Drum & Bass music scene was introduced to The Jungle Invasion Crew. This crew was comprised of DJ Unique, Steve Phatvibe, MC Blair and The Heavyweighters. At the same time, DJ’s Deep and ['tima] of Braakattac immerged and they began performing shows with them as well. Soon DJ Dread and MC Pressure joined Braakattac parties as residents. In Jan 09’, The Heavyweighters decided to go worldwide with a monthly radio show. This show can be heard LIVE every first Thursday of the month at 2 pm GMT on Be sure to check out the dynamic duo!
In conjunction to the Heavyweighters project, Pressure headlines the Human Traffic show exclusively on every Friday at 4pm GMT +1 . For some of the finest liquid DnB sounds around, check out the weekly show at
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Pinky & The Erotic Cowboy - We come again feat. Rusty Pressure by pressur3

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