Noise : Rahim Erna

Rahim Erna
The Killer is me by : Rahim erna

my tenth tune and the last one from my first album
'' Bite Of Pain''
'' i wish u enjoyed my tunes and it's a real pleasure
to have a fans ! keep in touch guys ! and try to
give your own artwork ! (i don't want to be a new
Soad or godsmack or nirvana or ... i feel unique and
have no needs to copy any other bands peace ;)
We Need Serenity''

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3 commentaires:

  1. woooooooooooooooooow thx buddy and hope it likes all the listeners

  2. peace ! and vive the noises and pixels

  3. well guys this is my tenth record it's an Alterock tune ! it's has a deep meaning divided to 4 parts first the intro drums tabla sound then the riff rock drums and the guitars and the solo parts drums and guitars also and the last part the fast outro it's something religious something can give u the energy to revenge or feel some brutal toward someone hurts u ! so !!! hope u like it guys peace out