Noise Sanja Arsenovic (Joe Charlie)

Sanja Arsenovic (Joe Charlie)

“It’s not a carrier yet, it’s a story…”
Born and raised in Novi Sad (Serbia), SanYa (Joe Charlie) has been mesmerized by electronic music ever since hearing the Psy-Trance traxx for the first time in 2003.As a young girl, she was interested in playing the guitar and sometimes the drums. It was more like experimenting, since her first love in the music field was alternative music, more like Rock & Hard-Rock. But it was all about to change soon…
In 2003, on a chilly April night she decides to hit the club for the first time and dance her ass off. It was a psychedelic party called “Transplant” in a club called Paradiso in Novi Sad. She describes the party “Dark and Scaryy” but she liked it as she kept participating those parties until the closing of Paradiso in 2006.After that, she makes a short brake in clubbing and enrolls in college where she meets an electronic music fellow Ben Hysa (ProTek Bastard), who was more into House & Techno music beats by that time. In 2007, they start participating a bit different parties for her taste such as Progressive House, Electro and Minimal Techno. Besides “Paradiso” ,the main spots where she explored new sounds, beats and loops were “Gradiliste” and “Avantgarde” in which she participated regularly with Ben. Although, clubs weren’t the only place where she explored this sounds. They kept hanging out at the crib, exploring, analyzing and playing various genres of electronic music where she practiced mixing. It was everywhere, in the street, in a club, at home, but mostly on her mind, which tempted her to start experimenting with different music making softwares. Ben describes her music as a “Multiple-Genre Fusion of ideas sounds and melodies put together progressively which takes you far from Earth”.
In 2008, she puts together her first experiment demo track called “Twisted Arp” which inspires her to go on with experimenting in progressive trance. After a short period, she comes up with a new one called “Bloody Ways”, which is described as the most inspiring track for her. In 2009, she continues presenting new demo tracks such as “Serendipity” and “Stupidness is No Excuse”, and meanwhile meets a very important figure, Radomir (Sink The Pink) which was more into harder beats such as Psy Trance beats. Together, giving a bit more serious effort to music making and mashing up their ideas, they put together a track called “We Damn The Night” which is described as their very own fusion of Pro-Psy Trance bomb. In 2010, along with Radomir (Sink The Pink), SanYa starts cooperating with young artists from all over the world such as “Dash & Poke”, and starts doing remixes for their tracks. In addition, she decides to put up a new track in 2010, called “Acoustic Medley”. This track is a tribute to band “In Flames” and a mixture of her old and new love in the music field, “A MIXTURE OF GUITARS, MELODIES AND EMOTIONS”…

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