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Ricardo Ruiz
 (Il y a 10 heures)Well i'm in Phoenix Arizona right now but I'm originally from El Paso.
The electronic music scene in el paso is an up and coming thing but some great clubs there are Club 101, The Vault, SoHo Lounge, and The Uptown Lounge.

Over here in Phoenix i've only found one club worth mentioning which is called The Scottsdale Venue.

Well, i produce under the name azlo. My productions are a representation of organic elements translated through and electronic filter so nature is what inspires me. My favorite place in this country would probably be a place that's very far off from the city. I think its good to detach yourself from the city because it helps you better ground yourself with nature. It helps clear the mind and bring in fresh ideas.

Right now i'm building a template for the Akai APC40 for playing live so right now that's definitely my favorite tool/toy.

I've collaborated with the band Midnite Duel from El Paso, TX. They're a great band, i actually got a chance to remix a few of their songs.

This is the link to one of the remixes i've made for them.

I don't have a picture of me in my favorite place but if you need one i'll find a way to take one and send it to you. Right now i just have the one i use for soundcloud.


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