Craig Gafoor Grigori Vdmo Kstati i agree with you on allot of levels but to think that some of us have never been paid 4000+ for a gig is um wrong...least in my case iv been paid more...n when i work on pop videos n stuff the numbers you talk about have been nothing more than a months money to me..

what i did work out is the biz side n how to build good biz models is where the real money is, also agencys are good n so are managers if they can get you "enough" bookings if not then well...a waste of a %...

as for your skill sets work wise yes i do understand your points..

all 1000 errors and myself n some of the gang were thinking to do was to set up a collaboration team with some spare time on its hands to make some total next generation art...way beyond what we can do solo....
this would be of worth to us all and the concepts the group work on can be pitched beyond the club sector and into the wonderful world of brand development and marketing...

you seem to think of this group as a bunch of little boys who dont know how to earn a buck...i myself have ALLOT of respect for the group members and the STUNNING work iv have seen from some of them and i love the fact that the best of the best mix with people who are new to the scene in this group are willing to share tips info and help one another...this was the main reason 1000 errors and myself have put the effort into this fb group.

all we are thinking to do is to form friendships, push art n technology and no doubt make some whole other level shit none of us could have solo done...

anyways i respect ya opinion but before you judge us on our prices n set fees or the amount of gigs we do look around at who some of the people are in this group you would be amazed....as i am all the time.
proud of u guys n girls n aliens in this group u all rock u all shine n lets do some cool shit for 2013!http://lokiltd.com/directors/7/brainwash/

more talk on https://www.facebook.com/groups/312028848875976/

Jonathan Lefebvre

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