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Craig Gafoor haha no red green blue projectors the size of a truck haha with shit lumins bro hahaha...i was one of the first to even use the term VJ back then due to working with mtv...so took term n used it in context of live video at gigs...was all being done on amigas back then bro haha. some of the members i added to group like Daz Jamieson we can all look to as the daddys of the scene that we all live n work in unsung heros of dance culture, names most people dont even know but should...though those in the know know people like daz hahah n respect due...he is still a fucking ninja! lols
and while talking about the history of VJing:

hail to the "inventor" and godfather of VJing: Peter Rubin / Max-a-Vision......VJing since 1979  more on

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