Noise : Paygn

 Paygn Julien

PAYGN - Producer and DJ.
Paygn hails of Marseille - France.
Born on May 13th, 1989, he begins to mix since the teenage, because of the special attraction for the music (especially the electronic music) and equipments DJ.
Some years later, he begins to work with diverse software of musical production to create and produces some electronic music.
Today, he uses the software "Ableton Live" to make his musics, realized with a crazy inspiration..
He produces many musics with his friend Matthew Freedz,
For the moment the musical mixture of both artists is rather good with the exit (release) in 2011 of several EP.
The musics produced by Paygn has several musical styles: House Music, Tech-House, Techno, Progressive, Minimal, Deep, Chill-Out and elses..
Be allowed seduce by his imagination, by listening his demos musics on SoundCloud !
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