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Dj Psyphoria/'Max Damage is 26 year old DJ/Producer Don de Valle. I was raised in northern N.S.W. Australia. I became a Dj because I got tired of hearing the same old artist everywhere I went. I started Djing in 2005 whilst working as a promoter for one of Australia's top ten clubs Tank. After realizing that the commercial house scene had plenty of room for growth I left Sydney and moved to Queensland's Gold Coast. Given the opportunity their to run Australia premier psychedelic radio broadcast I contacted all the artists and labels that fitted the bill to acquire all the new International releases for my Bitz Of Buzzz aired on Radio Metro. After running Bitz Of buzzz for 12 months I decided that the Goldie was too phonie and commercial for my Dj styles. Putting my main act (Dj Psyphoria) on hold for a while i started my second act Max Damage. Now days both my acts are performed with midi and are getting amazing feedback all around the globe. As most of us realize the the fundamentals of Dj mixing are quite simple, however seamless track integration with precision track timing and having the right part of the track are somewhat of a skill. What I set out to understand from the beginning was how to scientifically place your mix in a way that has the most intense psychological effect on the audience. And from the start people said that my theory was in breach of common Dj Ideals. None the lass I continued what i set out to do,l and that's creating good high energy music that can be felt by the senses. A style of Dj composition that is so uplifting it takes you away. I would define that amazing transcending buzz that we obtain from the music "Psychedelic Euphoria'. And that's exactly what I play. now after many years of hard work I have created my own styles of all the dj music I play. And not like those try hard's that stand their on stage waving there arms like they just don't care pretending to mix, but like a true Dj composer using the sound to interact with the audience. My main goal is to get to a level that I can see the world whilst flipping tracks, sharing my vision and creative media with all. well I hope you enjoy my mixes and by all means leave some feedback, I don't know how to better my sounds without it. BoOm!
Mix Type
Out of Control
Climactic Records,UK/IM.Eyal-MusiC PSY-KINGS MUSIC GROUP, Israel/Mandrake Entities, Australia
Denon Dns1000
Software Controller
Tractor X1, launchpad
Effects Unit
Denon DNX100
Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason, Tracktor, Mixmeister
Monitors/ Speakers
Cheap 'o' Logitec
, Korg Micro Kontrol,Novation Nio, i3 Laptop, Sta Audion adc&dac2000  

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