Noise: Mars T


Real name : Martial THEBAULT / 23' y' Old
Moniker(s) : Mars T, Sphinx, Martial T., The Emotionalist



marst//muzik / Sacem


Martial T. = Mars T for electronic music.

1991 | DRUMMER ● 1995 | ELECTRONIC PRODUCER ● 1996 | PIANIST ● 1999 | GUITARIST ● 1999 | SINGER ● 2000 | BASSIST ● 2000 | VIOLONIST ● 2001 | WEBDESIGNER ● 2004 | DJ

It's naturally that this young producer has explored the philosophy of this universe.

Remixing the underground scene's tracks, go as far as it's possible in his searches, with tact on decibels, marst is a new breath for your parties.

Objective : to contaminate the audience with a demanding selection of house, techno and minimal, but also flirting with rock, groove or jazz's parts...Sliding cleverly his own tracks in his dj-sets .

Each night, a little more...Sensibility, personality, creativity in favour to these ; see his musical ideas take shape : music is and will be an integrant part of his life.

The sound is reworked, remixed, arranged.
The atmosphere becomes melodious or survitaminized following his inspiration.

Go to one of his Dj-sets, it's the opportunity to discover a spontaneous and demanding artist, and above all, different by his cultural wealth and his musical diversity.

Well-Knowed by some french towns for his underground and provocative spirit, after have played in many bars, clubs or festivals, in particular for the effective warm-up of Vitalic at the Club 106 (Rouen) on last October, marst foresee a lot of surprises for this year...

< MARS T > - SPECIAL ASS'SHAKIN' [preview] - 2011 by < MARS T > ● MARTIAL T.

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