Noise : Mister Fever (aka Julien Jauras)

Mister Fever (aka Julien Jauras) is a electronic music producer, is fascinated by the world of the "bass culture". Initially rock band drummer, he discovers potentials offered by the electronic machines in his musical investigations. Here began a music production always more powerful and original. Attracted by deep basses and fast grooves, he turns to musical styles like dubstep, drum'n'bass or breakbeat. Today, he's convinced of the real travel the public can make, during a night, listening these musics. Mister Fever likes to produce powerful tracks and remix to get people out of control!!! Mister Fever has been influenced most by Shy FX, Bad Company, Pendulum, Noisia.,Andy C, Grooverider, etc... He works in featuring with a lot of different artists to create various universes in his productions. His last project is a dubstep, hip-hop and drum'n'bass live with a crazy MC called MC Gossip. Disturbing melodies, delirious rhythmic basses, these lives are made to dance whole nights!!!. If you want to book him for any live act or dj set please contact : Come Close Massiv!

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