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When France used to be named Gaule, when times that are now considered old constituted the present, the druids were trusted, but also feared individuals. The mystical spirit that was associated with these strange, yet wise intellectuals lives on today in Le Druide’s psychedelic acoustic delirium.
The elaborate sounds he brings to life seem to emanate from the deep, dark corners of his exploding mind. When he’s in control, the rhythm sparkles, burns, glows, intrigues. It moves swiftly, hits smoothly.
It grows on you.
Ironically, the first time he finds himself at home in the psytrance universe, Le Druide is in the same environment in which the antiquity druids prospered: a forest. He marvels in front of an epic live performance from Phatmatix, who proceeds to completely blow his mind.
Backed up by a love for music that struck him early in his life, and which led him to play the piano, the saxophone, the drums and the guitar, he completely falls in love with psychedelic music at the age of 17. Then, he quickly gets to work.
He begins producing and mixing psytrance and downtempo, soon managing to play in local partys in Eastern France and Switzerland. Shortly after, he’s off to Montréal, to study landscape architecture at Université de Montréal.
Nowadays, he’s a well-established artist of the local scene. After months of playing steadily in various events in Montreal and some other regions of Québec, he launches the Mechanimals collective, a squad dedicated to organize dirt-cheap events designed to showcase fresh, yet-to-be-known talent.
If you think you can take it, line up for a potent, well put-together psychedelic mixture, prepared with nature’s best ingredients. Le Druide will be delighted to serve it to you raw, with enough kick to send your mind to Mars.

Druid & Blindox - 9 (2011 rmx) by Le Druide

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