Noise Ektor Eros

Ektor Eros, 22, was born in Nola, DJ and remixer producer evolving music, always looking for new challenges and goals of music, exploring new path orand reinventing new musical languages. I l Sound and his very eclectic and compelling, unmistakable style, conveys passion and adrenaline .... makes dreams and emotions in his sets handling, processing and contaminates the sounds in search of the endless combinations possibbili challenging fees and pregudizzi, playing skillfully with The technology and everything ke allows him to rework the music. EROS is a DJ who likes to nn boundaries for propane sound cataloging in a genre, but you can easily perceive those roots House, heavily influenced by minimal techno and more contemporary. collaborates regularly with space group, deformed Sound, The Lovers, java brothers worked artists: Richard Romero, Genfry G, Enzo Tucci, Lisio, mr mau (java Roy Brothers), J & S Project, Franky G, Genny Marotta ,Andrea Falsone , Ariel Comusso. . .... etc. founder of the techno movement group ....

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