DJ Alimba aka Aliprantis Spiros was born in Volos City, Greece. He is influenced mainly by Rock, Pop, House, Trance, Disco and many soundtrack composers.
DJ Alimba is always searching for new ways to create and hear new forms of music.
His love for music lead him to becoming a DJ and Trance and Ambient music producer.

It was at the age of 15 that DJ Alimba started producing his own tracks.
At age of 18 he discovered FL studio and worked hard on learning production for 4 years.
He then decided to take it the next level and start working on a professional level.

DJ Alimba's hard work paid off and in July, 2010 he released his first album, "Dreams of the Past" which also called "Alimba's Secret Album".
This included 12 original tracks, a remix and one bonus track.
This album featured a blend of trance infused with rock tones and some opera style vocals with pure trance melodies, mostly was an experimental album.

In 2010, Alimba met new friends, Veela, Seanvance and Lenar who have both helped in his music endeavours.

At 18 Dec 2010, Alimba and Divaani records released the second album, "Beyond Milky Way". This included 2 original tracks and 2 remixes.

He is currently participating in some remix contests and looking to release his third album "New Expirience" under Purple Gate Records.

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