noise: redux (california)



"I detune saw waves, modulate low frequencies, chop, pitch, and generally mangle audio until I deem it filthy enoughto grace your speakers. I make dubstep and electrohouse. I enjoy starting forest fires and flying kites. My favorite food is peanut butter."



Skrillex, Feed Me, Zed, Porter Robinson, We Bang, Noisia, Bare Noize, Killabits, Wolfgang Gartner, Pink Floyd, Pendulum, Daft Punk, Reso, Chrispy, Hunter Dubstep.



-Apple Macbook Pro 13"
-Ableton Live Suite 8.2
-KRK Rock-it 2 6"
-Akai APC-40
-Various plugins and software synths.



Always open for both, get at me!



"I would like to thank all of you that have supported my music by purchasing it, blogging it, playing it in your DJ sets, Voting for in contests/polls, sharing it with friends, commenting, critiquing, and most of all for enjoying it for continuing to support me in what I love to do."

Thank you


Chainsaw by R3DUX

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