After having studied music theory for more than 10 years, and practised saxophone and guitar, the young parisian decided to produce electronic music.
That is how Opprefish was born, in Nowember 2010.
You already can find posts concerning him in blogs or magazines such as StopTheNoise, Publik'Art, BF2D, SurlMagazine, WeNeedElectro, YouAreHere, NoizedGen, EletronicMarbleSkillz... and many more are coming!
Moreover, he is present on the SeekSickSound Compilation II.
You can DL his Mixtape made for Street Tease here :
You will discover several types of electronic music: experimental, minimal, electro, progressive... The main goal for Opprefish is to explore the universe of Electronic music, but adding his personal touch of emotions.
Therefore, you will hear, but also feel.
For any request, contact me here:

Music is the way we love by Opprefish

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