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JANSKI beeeats electro surf rock ultra visual
booking :
The Project
The Janski Beeeats project is shouldered from 2007 by the musician and illustrator Jansé. Off stage, he writes a comic (inspired by japanese manga) that tells the story of Janski, a young boy who needs music to fight against his infection. On stage, Jansé embodies his character and plunges us into his universe, thanks to the video projections. With his chiptunes, synthesized melodies a...Afficher la suite
The Story
2980 : Due to suspicious experiments on hydrocarbons, an ecological disaster puts a whole continent under quarantine. Janski, a young boy disfigured by this pollution, decides to run away and find the ones responsible with endeavors to get his real face back. Hidden in the dregs of the great megalopolis of Tower City, Janski spends his time playing techno on old synths as his only way to survive and express his anger.

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