Elevator Operator by Caroline Attia

Je suis Illustratrice et réalisatrice de film d’animation 2D basée à Paris. J’ai étudié à l’ENSAD de Paris puis à SVA à New York et je travaille en free-lance depuis 2004.
I am a 2D Animated film director and Illustrator based in Paris. I graduated from the ENSAD of Paris and did an exchange at SVA in New York. I work as a freelance since 2004.

Here are some sketches of the music video.


Has for future project, I am currently developping two TV series project, one a TV
series and the other one is more a short documentary collection based on a short
comission I did " Pinchaque, la dantà colombiana" We have had some serious interest
on this project from TV channels so I hope production might start in a year or so.
I'd love to do some more music video too as I had a lot of fun with this one.

Caroline Attia Lariviere
+33 6 77 29 02 11
+34 9 14 55 16 35 

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