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Scott Robinson aka Ocra_A and K2
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Currently - Villingen in Germany
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I used to hang out in the arches - Vauxhall on a Saturday night becoming obsessed by the lo frequency beats n bass that caused ears to bleed in the tunnel like venue. Once I started going to 'raves' outdoors and heard that lo bass sound draining into the ground beneath my feet it all became clear that this was the music I wanted to major in.

After putting together a few tracks I started to go out and play in small venues, with my keyboards falling on the floor of the club nearly every week. I think people just came along to watch everything fall over rather than listen to my music. Eventually I met Russ Gabrial (Ferox) and we got a manager called Joel (who later had something to do with Jesus Jones).

We played our first gig with the likes of Luke Slater and it wasn't long before our first record was ready to be released. Then one night, after a dodgy gig in Camden (supporting Messiah), it dawned on me that I would have to get a job eventually and could I carry on doing what I was doing forever? After the Camden gig, which due to Russ not showing up meant that I had shocked to audience of 2 people by playing my set at 233bpm due to an angry moment, I decided to give up and go to art college.

I moved to the Midlands and told Russ I would like to carry on but we would probably have to go our own ways. He then managed to get a record out on Magnet North which made me feel a bit low.

I decided I loved music to much to give up and began my 'era's of era's'. It had become clear to me that the best way to learn the art of music was to explore different avenues of music. I choose to work with electronic music because I didn't have to rely on others and I could just 'get on with it'.

In about 1992 I had a small break when a magazine called Future Music interviewed me and put my demo on the front cover CD.

I sold one demo tape to a person who liked my music. Hum not much success still on with the show. I changed to another style and managed by pure fluke to get a deal with Nebula 2 in Nottingham. I worked with the extremely talented Tony Thomas and together we produced some trance based ep that did ok for the time.

After this I was getting sick of trance and fealt a new direction was needed. I happened to meet a guy called Grant Barber who was part of a free party sound system BWPT (still going even now 12 years on). I realised the music he and the others played had roots in the early days of raves and parties of the late 80's early 90's. I was hooked. With the ever keen ear of Grant I worked on a number of what I called 'proper techno' tracks. It was pure punk - the attitude was 'dont give a fuck' and I liked it.

Then came the release with The Liberators on Cluster records about 97/98 (part of the stay up forever umbrella of labels) the ForMuffin EP. It included a track called Veruca, written during a lunch break when I was really annoyed with my boss at work. I was really happy with this ep and it was rumoured that John Peel (the man who first got me into alternative music) had played it on Radio One.

I helped Grant organise some club nights in Leicester called Amorphous which later morphed into Ugly Funk. This gave me the chance to play alongside and meet alot of the other producers whose music I respected and it was a good time.

Then Ugly Funk - the record company was born. I released on one of the ep's.

I have played alongside and met some real heroes of mine from Subhead to Nebula 2 and Neil Landstrum to Luke Slater. I have hugged Claude Young and watched people like Mark Hawkins get the repect he deserved. I learned that the people who make this kind of music just care about making music and not fame. Something some musicans forget.

The reason for uploading my music is to give people the chance to hear music that only a few people have ever heard. That was what it was made for. 
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