Noise : Astra Teck

Astra Astra Teck is an techno artist from the south of the France, he grew up within a musical atmosphere and had his first experience with turntables in 1993.
Influenced by the hard core, hard tech,psychedelic trance , techno and tech house.
He started to produce by himself in early November 2011, Quickly noticed by the label digital TRISKEL-TECH RECORDINGS the 19 th day of March 2011, (Label by Meilys Messina & Eric Abate " Kaixta") or he signed the first releases : Parana Drunkin, Small boy, Blue box and Blind Woodoo, release planned for June 2011.
Then he signed to the digital label WAREHOUSE-TRAX RECORDS the 20 th day April 2011, (Label by Greg Slaiher) The releases : Black Zone and JudgeHype. ( WTR Release date )
He also recently gone has "Online Production" ( founded in september 2009 by Stephan Pokorny & Thomas Nickel) At this time it's a community wishing in the future to become a private label digital.
Enjoy comment, if you want to follow Astra Teck please listen to the production, leave a comment, he will do the same, great thank you all Follows and to all that made comment
enjoy your life !!!!

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